Name Role Committees Director since
Paolo Merloni Executive Chairman Ariston Holding N.V. A*, D 10.06.2021
Maurizio Brusadelli Chief Executive Officer 03.08.2023
Antonia Di Bella Non-executive / Independent C 02.01.2023
Roberto Guidetti Non-executive / Independent B*, D* 10.06.2021
Laurent Jacquemin Non executive 03.08.2023
Guido Krass Non-executive A 02.01.2023
Francesco Merloni Non-executive 10.06.2021
Maria Francesca Merloni Non-executive 10.06.2021
Lorenzo Pozza Non-executive / Independent C* 17.06.2021
Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula Non-executive / Independent B, C 24.05.2021
Marinella Soldi Non-executive / Independent B, D 10.06.2021
Enrico Vita Non-executive / Independent A 10.06.2021

*  Committee chair
A  Strategic Committee
B  Compensation and Talent Development Committee
C  Audit Committee
D  ESG Committee